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326 Milford News1932-11-241Sorrow Shrouds the Community in Death of Dr. Addison Bybeedeath
327 Milford News1932-11-241Mrs. Grant Smith Dies in Beaverdeath
328 Milford News1932-11-241Former Residents Die of Poison Gas in California Minedeath
329 Milford News1932-12-011Extends Sympathy in Death of Dr. Addison Bybeedeath
330 Milford News1932-12-011Death of Madam Bybee Follows that of Her Sondeath
331 Milford News1932-12-081Abe Heslington Diesdeath
332 Milford News1932-12-151Abe Heslington is Laid at Restdeath
333 Milford News1932-12-151Obituarydeath
334 Milford News1932-12-291Kiddies on Desert Ranch near Here Cheer Flying Santadeath
335 Milford News1932-12-291Santa Uses Motor Trucks to Deliver Gifts to Kiddiesdeath
336 Milford News1933-01-121Beaver County Ladies-Schoolmates of the Coolidgesdeath
337 Milford News1933-01-123News Review of Current Events the World Overdeath
338 Milford News1933-01-191Young Mother of Ten Children Dies at Greenville Satdeath
339 Milford News1933-01-191Former Milford Business Man Dies in Californiadeath
340 Milford News1933-01-261Margaret Williams Dies at Home of Pleuro - Pneumoniadeath
341 Milford News1933-02-021Vernon Johnson Dies in Californiadeath
342 Milford News1933-02-091Mother of Former Resident Dies in Fredoniadeath
343 Milford News1933-03-093News Review of Current Events the World Overdeath
344 Milford News1933-03-301Funeral is Held at Beaver for James Boyter of Milforddeath
345 Milford News1933-04-131Former Milford Resident Dies; Victim of Arthritisdeath
346 Milford News1933-04-273Sea Casts up its Message of Deathdeath
347 Milford News1933-05-181William Bachtell Dies in Californiadeath
348 Milford News1933-06-011Former Milford Business Man Dies in Provodeath
349 Milford News1933-06-011Katherine Griffiths Dies following Operationdeath
350 Milford News1933-06-081Funeral Held for Popular Young Girldeath
326 - 350 of 1,171