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326 Beaver Press1912-09-203Noted Inventor Diesdeath
327 Beaver Press1912-09-209Killed Man Who Wronged Herdeath
328 Beaver Press1912-10-117Two Women Burned to Deathdeath
329 Beaver Press1912-10-252Aged Widow Beaten to Deathdeath
330 Beaver Press1912-10-252Roosevelt's Guide Deaddeath
331 Beaver Press1912-10-257Two Aviators Killeddeath
332 Beaver Press1912-11-015Old Indian Fighter Deaddeath
333 Beaver Press1912-11-015Diaz Sentenced to Deathdeath
334 Beaver Press1912-11-082Escaped Convicts Killed by Posse in Wyomingdeath
335 Beaver Press1912-11-291Marion Mathews Deaddeath
336 Beaver Press1912-11-297More Deaths than Birthsdeath
337 Beaver Press1912-12-062Gunmen Sentenced to Deathdeath
338 Beaver Press1912-12-131Obituarydeath
339 Beaver Press1912-12-132David Eccles Strickendeath
340 Beaver Press1912-12-137Pioneer Mining Man Deaddeath
341 Beaver Press1912-12-137Former Nevadan Diesdeath
342 Beaver Press1912-12-202Reid Summoned by Grim Deathdeath
343 Beaver Press1913-01-032John Brown's Son Diesdeath
344 Beaver Press1913-01-102Two Burned to Deathdeath
345 Beaver Press1913-01-102Trapper near Deathdeath
346 Beaver Press1913-01-103Jeff Davis is Burieddeath
347 Beaver Press1913-01-103Planters Killed by Cannibalsdeath
348 Beaver Press1913-01-103Message from the Deaddeath
349 Beaver Press1913-01-103Divorced Husband Who Was Deaddeath
350 Beaver Press1913-01-172Financial Adviser Deaddeath
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