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301 Roosevelt Standard1929-08-012Killing Morning Glory and other Perennialsdeath
302 Roosevelt Standard1929-09-261Impressive Funeral Services Held Here for James Monroe Halldeath
303 Roosevelt Standard1929-10-101Bennett Girl Dies at S. L. Hospitaldeath
304 Roosevelt Standard1929-10-109Duchesne News Sectiondeath
305 Roosevelt Standard1929-10-171Hill Creek Lad Killed in Wreck near Vernaldeath
306 Roosevelt Standard1929-10-311Mrs. Pat Markey Dies Here as Result of Injuries Received in Falldeath
307 Roosevelt Standard1929-11-141Mrs. Julia Mclea Dies at California Homedeath
308 Roosevelt Standard1929-11-148News Man Dies at Panguitch, Utdeath
309 Roosevelt Standard1929-12-197Strauss' Death Chamberdeath
310 Roosevelt Standard1930-01-091Mother of Mr Will Woodard Dies at Son's Homedeath
311 Roosevelt Standard1930-01-162Burial List His Farewelldeath
312 Roosevelt Standard1930-01-303Neola News Sectiondeath
313 Roosevelt Standard1930-01-3010Tridell Rancher Dies of Blood Poisoningdeath
314 Roosevelt Standard1930-03-131Duchesne Boy, Dies at Salt Lake Hospitaldeath
315 Roosevelt Standard1930-03-271Funeral Services Held for Julia Ann Hoops Bryant at Leota Frideath
316 Roosevelt Standard1930-05-151Cedarview Resident Dies following Illnessdeath
317 Roosevelt Standard1930-05-291Impressive Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Ray Allred at Neoladeath
318 Roosevelt Standard1930-06-051Charles Franklin Winn Dies at Mytondeath
319 Roosevelt Standard1930-06-051Hon. Thomas W. O'donnell Passes Away Sunday Evening at Home in San Diego Califdeath
320 Roosevelt Standard1930-06-191Joseph Andrews of Leeton Passes after Years of Sufferingdeath
321 Roosevelt Standard1930-09-251Lynn W. Nelson Dies at Rooseveltdeath
322 Roosevelt Standard1930-10-091William H. Bryce Pioneer Basin Livestock Man Buried Saturdaydeath
323 Roosevelt Standard1930-11-131Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Stella Stoddard at Leota Tuesdaydeath
324 Roosevelt Standard1930-11-134The Booster and the Killerdeath
325 Roosevelt Standard1931-01-011Old Time Prospector Dies at Gusherdeath
301 - 325 of 1,626