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276 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-021Aged Pioneer is Called by Deathdeath
277 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-022Buried on Battlefielddeath
278 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-022Death Faced Cheerfullydeath
279 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-023Death for Selling Newspapersdeath
280 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-024Bishop Bartholomew Deaddeath
281 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-091Pioneer is Laid at Restdeath
282 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-091Goldie Neilson Gains Fame in Bread Makingdeath
283 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-093Aisne a Blazing Vale of Death Says English War Correspondentdeath
284 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-096Prominent Business Man Deaddeath
285 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-162Cardinal Ferrata Deaddeath
286 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-162King of Rumania Deaddeath
287 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-162Well Known Surgeon Diesdeath
288 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-162Italian Minister Dyingdeath
289 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-163Crawls Back to Deathdeath
290 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-168Local Newsdeath
291 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-231Mrs Annie Wallace is Called Homedeath
292 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-231D R Livingston Died of Typhoiddeath
293 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-232River Filled with Bodiesdeath
294 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-232Cardinal Ferrata Deaddeath
295 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-232''Mother Prindle" Diesdeath
296 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-10-303Dead Soldier's Giftdeath
297 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-11-061Funeral is Held for Mrs E P Burnsidedeath
298 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-11-063Official Drops Deaddeath
299 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-11-131Funeral Services Held for Alma Jeffsdeath
300 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-11-131Funeral Services Held for Jorgen C. Christensendeath
276 - 300 of 3,751