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276 Morgan County News1948-06-041Cardon H. Guild Died on May 16death
277 Morgan County News1947-08-156'Vicious Killer,' So Called by FBI, Dies in Sing Singdeath
278 Morgan County News1931-05-078Funeral Held for Young Mother at Marion, Utahdeath
279 Morgan County News1931-11-261Services Conducted for Mrs. Lena Edholm, Miltondeath
280 Morgan County News1944-12-294356 Deaths during Holiday Seasondeath
281 Morgan County News1947-08-226Fast-Talking Kid Disarms Officer; Saves Dad Tickdeath
282 Morgan County News1950-07-211Mikesell Rites Held Saturdaydeath
283 Morgan County News1949-10-141Rites Conducted for Prominent Coalville Mandeath
284 Morgan County News1941-05-301George L. Petersondeath
285 Morgan County News1939-03-311F. M. Judd, Beloved Pioneer Man Diesdeath
286 Morgan County News1943-04-161Elmer Giles Dies at Wendoverdeath
287 Morgan County News1949-10-141Sister Dies on Wednesdaydeath
288 Morgan County News1939-09-221Hoytsville Youth Killed in Wreckdeath
289 Morgan County News1946-10-041Richard R. Fry Services Are Held on Mondaydeath
290 Morgan County News1951-08-031Rites Monday for Inez M. Knightdeath
291 Morgan County News1936-01-161O. B. Anderson of Henefer Succumbsdeath
292 Morgan County News1938-09-161Morgan County Pioneer is Deaddeath
293 Morgan County News1935-07-111Henefer Lady Dies in Idahodeath
294 Morgan County News1940-08-231William Sommers, 59, Dies at Home in Coalvilledeath
295 Morgan County News1936-12-313Arthur Brisbane, Editor, Dies at 72death
296 Morgan County News1950-09-291George Brough Funeral Held on Wednesdaydeath
297 Morgan County News1949-10-141Rites Saturday for Victim of Truck Crashdeath
298 Morgan County News1950-09-081A. E. Sim Dies at Age 93 in Clearfielddeath
299 Morgan County News1954-12-101Turner Rites Held Monday in Tabernacledeath
300 Morgan County News1948-10-291Morgan Native Dies in Ogdendeath
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