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276 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-293Kaye Bowen Recites Vowswedding
277 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-052One Marriage License Issuedwedding
278 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-053Couple Makes Home in Idaho following LDS Temple Riteswedding
279 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-053Lt. John R. Ruppel Engaged to Miss Wendy M. Evanswedding
280 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-059Attend Wedding Receptionwedding
281 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-123Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Lusty to Observe Golden Weddingwedding
282 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-123S-Sgt. Ralph D. Johnstun to Wed Girl in Germanywedding
283 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-128Married Fridaywedding
284 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-195Couple Weds in Simple Home Riteswedding
285 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-1910Ruppels and Friends to Attend Weddingwedding
286 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-263John Ruppel and Wendy Evans, Wed in Coloradowedding
287 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-263Sherry Ann Fieldsted Speaks Vowswedding
288 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-263John Perry Weds B Y. U. Graduate in Temple Riteswedding
289 Uintah Basin Standard1959-02-263Chapel is Scene of Wedding Reception Herewedding
290 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-053Miss Leah Elmer and Leslie Dale Rands Exchange Vows in Templewedding
291 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-053Nuptials for Kaye Labrumwedding
292 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-053Marriage of Mrs. Jennie Wing Revealed This Weekwedding
293 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-058Attend Wedding of Daughter in Salt Lake Citywedding
294 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-126Attend Wardleigh Wedding Receptionwedding
295 Uintah Basin Standard1959-03-199Husband Honored at Anniversary Partywedding
296 Uintah Basin Standard1959-04-091One Marriage License Issuedwedding
297 Uintah Basin Standard1959-04-093Engagement of Myrna Whiting to Albert Collotzi Told This Weekwedding
298 Uintah Basin Standard1959-04-093Exchange Vowswedding
299 Uintah Basin Standard1959-04-0912Divorces in Duchesne Almost Catch Marriages during 1959wedding
300 Uintah Basin Standard1959-04-162Thomas M. Ivory, Former Local Boy, is Marriedwedding
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