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276 Green River Journal1955-08-253El Capitan and Last Chance Mines Are Part of Happy Jack Grouparticle
277 Green River Journal1955-08-253New Mercury Mine Begins Operation for Moab Minesarticle
278 Green River Journal1955-08-253New Equipment to Boost Output for North Standardarticle
279 Green River Journal1955-08-253Douglas Penman on Field Staff of Moab Minesarticle
280 Green River Journal1955-08-253Pointers for Prospectorsarticle
281 Green River Journal1955-08-254page
282 Green River Journal1955-08-254unclassified
283 Green River Journal1955-08-254advertisement
284 Green River Journal1955-08-254This is a Helicopter?article
285 Green River Journal1955-08-254An Interesting Personality . . . .article
286 Green River Journal1955-08-254Petey and His Palsarticle
287 Green River Journal1955-08-254Utaco Uranium to Drill Claims on Carpenter Ridgearticle
288 Green River Journal1955-08-254Photoarticle
289 Green River Journal1955-08-255page
290 Green River Journal1955-08-255unclassified
291 Green River Journal1955-08-255advertisement
292 Green River Journal1955-08-255Atlas Uranium Interested in Oil and Gasarticle
293 Green River Journal1955-08-255Coalbed Canyon Area Has Good Ore Showingarticle
294 Green River Journal1955-08-255White Canyon & Hitearticle
295 Green River Journal1955-08-255Churchesarticle
296 Green River Journal1955-08-255Good Indications for Happy Shep in Henry Mts.article
297 Green River Journal1955-08-255Russian Knapweedarticle
298 Green River Journal1955-08-256page
299 Green River Journal1955-08-256unclassified
300 Green River Journal1955-08-256advertisement
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