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251 Rich County Reaper1944-10-131Former Randolph Couple Die of Poisonous Gasdeath
252 Rich County Reaper1944-11-177Plane Wins Race with Death, Child is Saveddeath
253 Rich County Reaper1944-12-241Mrs. Dorothy K. Sims Died Mondaydeath
254 Rich County Reaper1945-01-191Randolph Hero Killed in Actiondeath
255 Rich County Reaper1945-04-061Mrs. Karl Mills Dies of a Heart Attackdeath
256 Rich County Reaper1945-05-183Camera Topicsdeath
257 Rich County Reaper1945-06-011Elizabeth K. Johnson Passed Away Saturdaydeath
258 Rich County Reaper1945-06-011Mary R. C. McCann Passed Awaydeath
259 Rich County Reaper1945-06-011Clarence Cook Passes Away Tuesday Morningdeath
260 Rich County Reaper1945-06-011Funeral Services for Mrs. William Johnsondeath
261 Rich County Reaper1945-06-151Funeral Services for William Coxdeath
262 Rich County Reaper1945-06-151Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Lois Reesdeath
263 Rich County Reaper1945-06-221Rich County Soldier Killed on Okinawadeath
264 Rich County Reaper1945-06-291Funeral Services Held Tuesday for Morrell Boothdeath
265 Rich County Reaper1945-06-291Randolph Marine Killeddeath
266 Rich County Reaper1945-07-066Killing Bean Beetlesdeath
267 Rich County Reaper1945-07-201Brakeman Killed in Fall from Traindeath
268 Rich County Reaper1945-08-311Funeral Servicedeath
269 Rich County Reaper1945-09-211Herder Dies at Sheep Campdeath
270 Rich County Reaper1945-09-211Mrs. Edith Fowkes Passed Awaydeath
271 Rich County Reaper1945-09-211John O. Sims Passed Awaydeath
272 Rich County Reaper1945-09-211Former Randolph Woman Dies Suddenlydeath
273 Rich County Reaper1945-10-261Evanston Youth Meets Tragic Deathdeath
274 Rich County Reaper1945-12-281Funeral Services Held for Richard Jacksondeath
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