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251 Piute County News1931-01-165John Q Cannon Passesdeath
252 Piute County News1928-11-021John N. Holtby Funeral Servicesdeath
253 Piute County News1927-05-061Dr. Shock Passes Awaydeath
254 Piute County News1932-11-183Reads Own Death Noticedeath
255 Piute County News1931-05-084Funeral Services for Walter Hermansendeath
256 Piute County News1934-08-101Funeral Services for William Cyrus Kennedydeath
257 Piute County News1927-04-082"Dead Sea Apple"death
258 Piute County News1929-02-151Anthony Soyka Passes Peacefully after Long Illnessdeath
259 Piute County News1933-12-011Emery County Publisher Dies after Operationdeath
260 Piute County News1928-06-293Elder Ralph E. Moyes Dies in Mission Fieldsdeath
261 Piute County News1925-03-202Famous Coach is Taken by Deathdeath
262 Piute County News1931-04-031Mrs. Mattie Hansen Dies at Idahodeath
263 Piute County News1924-11-141Kaibab Deer Not to be Killeddeath
264 Piute County News1929-03-013Mrs. Marioni Manwill Diesdeath
265 Piute County News1929-01-116George Bucker One of Arizona's Pioneers Dies in 89th Yeardeath
266 Piute County News1932-01-0110Funeral Eulogies Barreddeath
267 Piute County News1924-11-212Veteran Correspondent Diesdeath
268 Piute County News1925-08-212Mrs. J. P. Morgan Deaddeath
269 Piute County News1926-10-297Hurricane Again Hits Cuban Shoredeath
270 Piute County News1932-03-111Moroni Shurtz Passesdeath
271 Piute County News1932-06-241Funeral Services for M. W. Balerdeath
272 Piute County News1925-12-112Injured While Shoveling Snow, Diesdeath
273 Piute County News1925-08-072Two Killed in Racing Planedeath
274 Piute County News1929-09-271John S. Baler Dies in Idahodeath
275 Piute County News1936-06-051Marion B. Lewisdeath
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