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251 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-106Killed by Lightningdeath
252 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-172American Stabbed to Deathdeath
253 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-172Burned Herself to Deathdeath
254 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-177Bless the Ladiesdeath
255 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-177That's Settleddeath
256 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-241Chester Boy Burned to Deathdeath
257 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-242Spencer to Die July 31death
258 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-243Died with Fortune Neardeath
259 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-07-316Mining Town Wiped Outdeath
260 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-142Dies Board Traindeath
261 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-142Death Claims First Lady of the Landdeath
262 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-142Simplicity Marks Funeral Servicesdeath
263 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-211Prominent Lady Passes Suddenly Awaydeath
264 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-216Two More are Deaddeath
265 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-216Scuffle with Burglar Fataldeath
266 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-216Withhold Death Listdeath
267 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-282Women of Servian League of Deathdeath
268 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-08-286Sends Son to Deathdeath
269 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-09-041Levi S. Dunham Called by Deathdeath
270 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-09-112British Loose Heavilydeath
271 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-09-112Fields Piled High with Deaddeath
272 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-09-182Meet Death in Cloudburstdeath
273 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-09-251Louis Waldemar Called by Deathdeath
274 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-09-252Buried on Battlefielddeath
275 Mt. Pleasant Pyramid1914-09-252Deny Death of Von Reuterdeath
251 - 275 of 3,751