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251 Lehi Sun1923-04-261Son of Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Jones Dies at Milforddeath
252 Lehi Sun1923-04-261Sudden Death of Mrs. John Bradshaw Shocks Communitydeath
253 Lehi Sun1923-05-031Leon Comer Buried Heredeath
254 Lehi Sun1923-05-032Aged Senator Dies on Traindeath
255 Lehi Sun1923-05-101Spratley Baby Diesdeath
256 Lehi Sun1923-05-101Gray Baby Dies following Operationdeath
257 Lehi Sun1923-05-101Boy to be Buried Heredeath
258 Lehi Sun1923-05-102Strike Clash Brings Deathdeath
259 Lehi Sun1923-05-171Death Summons Prominent Residentdeath
260 Lehi Sun1923-05-171Telephone Lineman Dies from Injuriesdeath
261 Lehi Sun1923-05-241George J. Gould Dies in Francedeath
262 Lehi Sun1923-05-311Gurney Baby Diesdeath
263 Lehi Sun1923-05-312Survivor of Custer Massacre Diesdeath
264 Lehi Sun1923-06-072Reds Sentence 25 to Diedeath
265 Lehi Sun1923-06-072Claude Kitchin Succumbs to Illnessdeath
266 Lehi Sun1923-06-141Young Mother Called by Deathdeath
267 Lehi Sun1923-06-212Key to Mount Death Founddeath
268 Lehi Sun1923-06-281Father of Large Family Diesdeath
269 Lehi Sun1923-07-051American Fork Baby Drowneddeath
270 Lehi Sun1923-07-051Boy Drowned in Utah Lakedeath
271 Lehi Sun1923-07-121Former Lehi Resident Diesdeath
272 Lehi Sun1923-07-193Washington Descendant Diesdeath
273 Lehi Sun1923-07-261Would-be Suicide Located on Lake Shoredeath
274 Lehi Sun1923-07-262Wasp Causes Deathdeath
275 Lehi Sun1923-07-262Commander of Famous Maine Diesdeath
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