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251 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-125Local Newsarticle
252 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Age of Criticism Rather than Beliefarticle
253 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126German Labor Bureaus Aid Workingmanarticle
254 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Humanity Aided by the Hypocritearticle
255 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Twins, Alike, Break Legsarticle
256 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Twin Girls Baffle Doctorsarticle
257 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Converted by Boyarticle
258 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Children Live by Jumpingarticle
259 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126First Camp of Convict Laborers Opened in New Yorkarticle
260 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Disease, like Vice, Cannot Stand Publicityarticle
261 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Plows for Her Vacationarticle
262 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Yes, the Swiss Have Navyarticle
263 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Why it Made Him Sadarticle
264 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Identifiedarticle
265 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Is Mine of Jewelsarticle
266 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-126Pugilisticarticle
267 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127Dairy on a Dry Farmarticle
268 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127Maintain an Earth Mulcharticle
269 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127New Cure for Baldnessarticle
270 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127Oriental Beefarticle
271 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127Raspberry Eclairsarticle
272 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127Fish in Hot Weatherarticle
273 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127Laying off in Hawaiiarticle
274 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127White Potato Meringuearticle
275 Roosevelt Standard1914-09-127Mixedarticle
251 - 275 of 171,367