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251 Uintah Basin Standard1958-11-203Reception Honors Justweds after Temple Marriagewedding
252 Uintah Basin Standard1958-11-203J. Kent Brighton Claims Miss Mary Ellen Giles for Bride; Reception Held at Mytonwedding
253 Uintah Basin Standard1958-11-203Late November Rites Setwedding
254 Uintah Basin Standard1958-11-276Engagement of Miss Phyllis Rowley Revealed This Weekwedding
255 Uintah Basin Standard1958-11-276Ilene Morrill Weds Friday; Reception Setwedding
256 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-043Bonnie Daniels and Eldon Niel Batty Become Engagedwedding
257 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-043DUO Bridal Tea Fetes Two Nelson Sisterswedding
258 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-043Double Ceremonywedding
259 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-043Mid-November Wedding Unites Couplewedding
260 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-043Nuptial Plans Revealedwedding
261 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-044Cecil L. Kofford Weds Miss Shauna Gilbertwedding
262 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-113Miss Ilene Morrill and William Oldson Married on November 21; Reception Heldwedding
263 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-113Newlyweds, the Almond Wilsons Honored at November Receptionwedding
264 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-113Recent Newlyweds Honored at Reception in Duchesnewedding
265 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-113Holiday Nuptials Will Unite Miss Redd, Gary Mullinswedding
266 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-1829Beryl Johnstun Marriedwedding
267 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-1830Beryl Johnstun Marriedwedding
268 Uintah Basin Standard1958-12-256Lt. Gary Mullins Claims Katheryn Redd as Bridewedding
269 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-012Married Fridaywedding
270 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-083Wedding Plans Revealedwedding
271 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-153Miss Bonnie Dye Announces Naptial Plans for next Maywedding
272 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-223Sharon Larae Hamilton Pledges Vows with Sylvan E. Lewis in LDS Templewedding
273 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-226Betrothal of Peggy Zorko Revealed; June Rites Setwedding
274 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-226Popular Couple Engagedwedding
275 Uintah Basin Standard1959-01-226Miss Karen Lee Woodwara is Engaged to E. V. Kellerwedding
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