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251 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-126L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
252 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-193Birthday Partybirth
253 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-025New Arrivalbirth
254 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-0910Three-Year Old Marks Birthdaybirth
255 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-0912L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
256 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-166L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
257 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-236L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
258 Uintah Basin Standard1960-06-3010L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
259 Uintah Basin Standard1960-07-147L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
260 Uintah Basin Standard1960-07-216L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
261 Uintah Basin Standard1960-07-285Surprize Birthday Party Honors Terry Mitchellbirth
262 Uintah Basin Standard1960-07-285L. D. S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
263 Uintah Basin Standard1960-08-0410L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
264 Uintah Basin Standard1960-08-118L. D. S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
265 Uintah Basin Standard1960-08-183The Misses Roberts Enjoy Partiesbirth
266 Uintah Basin Standard1960-08-1810L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
267 Uintah Basin Standard1960-08-256L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
268 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-015birth
269 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-016Birthday Party Honors Penney's Managerbirth
270 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-016L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
271 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-019Sixth Baby Arrivesbirth
272 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-085Five-Year Old Has Birthday Partybirth
273 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-086L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
274 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-0810Baby Born Sept. 5birth
275 Uintah Basin Standard1960-10-135New Baby Girlbirth
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