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251 Springville Herald1926-01-154Death Truck Driver Found by Officersdeath
252 Springville Herald1926-01-221Springville Woman Dies in Salt Lakedeath
253 Springville Herald1926-01-291Springville Woman Dies Form Injuriesdeath
254 Springville Herald1926-01-291Funeral for Mrs. Wiscombedeath
255 Springville Herald1926-01-292Payson Man Died Sundaydeath
256 Springville Herald1926-02-051Funeral Held for Mrs. Reesedeath
257 Springville Herald1926-02-052Drops Dead Dancingdeath
258 Springville Herald1926-02-121Dr. Robison Funeraldeath
259 Springville Herald1926-02-123Officer must Die, Verdict of Presidentdeath
260 Springville Herald1926-02-191Springville Church Man Dies at Homedeath
261 Springville Herald1926-02-192Feminine Movie Stars to do 'Custard Pie' Comediesdeath
262 Springville Herald1926-02-261J. M. Crandall is Buried in Springvilledeath
263 Springville Herald1926-02-261Springville Pioneer [Illegible] to [Illegible] Restdeath
264 Springville Herald1926-03-054How the Death-Watch Beetle Gets Fat on Sawdustdeath
265 Springville Herald1926-03-121Springville Woman Dies in Canadadeath
266 Springville Herald1926-03-191Emma S. Bagley Dies at Home in Springvilledeath
267 Springville Herald1926-03-191Child Died in Price to be Buried Heredeath
268 Springville Herald1926-03-191Provo Child Dies Funeral Sundaydeath
269 Springville Herald1926-03-191It. Thompson Meets Death for Murderdeath
270 Springville Herald1926-03-262Spanish Fork Woman Dies Here Mondaydeath
271 Springville Herald1926-04-231Texan Dies on way to Coastdeath
272 Springville Herald1926-04-301Fred Carter Dies at Home of Son in Caldeath
273 Springville Herald1926-05-072Services for Fred Carter Held Sundaydeath
274 Springville Herald1926-05-211Chas. M. Bird Dies at Home in Mapletondeath
275 Springville Herald1926-05-213Effie P .Hurst Dies in Idaho of Erysipelasdeath
251 - 275 of 5,469