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251 Milford News1947-05-153Russian Still Going Strong on his 142nd Birthdaybirth
252 Milford News1947-05-228Jeanette Colborn Wed to Tine Bighambirth
253 Milford News1947-07-243Fourth Set of Twins Born to Wife of N. Y. Mailmanbirth
254 Milford News1947-08-212Mark Birthday of Atom; Hungarian Attitude Hitbirth
255 Milford News1947-08-282How to Celebrate a Birthdaybirth
256 Milford News1947-10-231Hospital Newsbirth
257 Milford News1947-10-301Hospital Newsbirth
258 Milford News1947-11-061Hospital Newsbirth
259 Milford News1947-11-208Hospital Newsbirth
260 Milford News1947-11-271Hospital Newsbirth
261 Milford News1948-02-053Baby of the Weekbirth
262 Milford News1948-04-091Jean Briscoe Shields Saves Infant Baby from Blazing Trailer Homebirth
263 Milford News1948-04-231Triplets Birthdaybirth
264 Milford News1948-05-071Hospital Notesbirth
265 Milford News1948-05-072Dale Carnegiebirth
266 Milford News1948-07-231Hospital Newsbirth
267 Milford News1948-07-301"Incubator Baby" Born at Milford Hospitalbirth
268 Milford News1948-09-024Celebrates Birthdaybirth
269 Milford News1948-09-026Cocker Spaniel Gives Birth to Litter of Six on Trainbirth
270 Milford News1948-09-301Hospital Notesbirth
271 Milford News1948-10-2110Hospital Notesbirth
272 Milford News1948-11-048Hospital Notesbirth
273 Milford News1948-12-021Hospital Notesbirth
274 Milford News1949-02-036Fishlake Forest to have Birthday Party next Weekbirth
275 Milford News1949-02-101Hospital Notesbirth
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