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226 Milford News1936-05-213Bachelors Are More Prone to Insanity than Married Menwedding
227 Milford News1936-05-281Shower for New Bridewedding
228 Milford News1936-05-281Popular Girl Weds California Manwedding
229 Milford News1936-06-041South Milford Couple Married in Beaverwedding
230 Milford News1936-06-251Married in Beaverwedding
231 Milford News1936-07-168Former Milford Girl Weds in Californiawedding
232 Milford News1936-08-133Bridal Veils Used in Ancient Times to Scare Demonswedding
233 Milford News1936-09-033War Bridewedding
234 Milford News1936-09-172Wedding in Mouth of Whalewedding
235 Milford News1936-10-15110th Anniversary of I. G. A. Storeswedding
236 Milford News1936-11-051Wedded at Parowanwedding
237 Milford News1936-11-051Martin-Banks Weddingwedding
238 Milford News1936-11-191Bride-Elect Honoredwedding
239 Milford News1936-11-262Franklin D., Jr., Engaged to be Marriedwedding
240 Milford News1936-12-038Milford Couple are Married on Coastwedding
241 Milford News1936-12-172A Wooden Weddingwedding
242 Milford News1936-12-173To Marry Ex-Kingwedding
243 Milford News1936-12-1710Married in Salt Lakewedding
244 Milford News1937-03-114Twin Brothers Marry Twin Sisterswedding
245 Milford News1937-04-012Allan Hoover Takes Bridewedding
246 Milford News1937-04-018Marriage Announcedwedding
247 Milford News1937-04-151Shower Given Bridewedding
248 Milford News1937-04-151Married Wednesdaywedding
249 Milford News1937-04-221Married in Provowedding
250 Milford News1937-04-225Happily Marriedwedding
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