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226 Springville Herald1925-10-091Utha Pioneer Responds to Call of Deathdeath
227 Springville Herald1925-10-091Impressive Services for Mrs. Crandalldeath
228 Springville Herald1925-10-092Young Mother Passes away En' Route Homedeath
229 Springville Herald1925-10-161Ralston to be Buried in Lebanon, Inddeath
230 Springville Herald1925-10-163Victory Simons Passes away in Arizonadeath
231 Springville Herald1925-10-163John R. Davis Laid to Restdeath
232 Springville Herald1925-10-301Springville Contractor Passes Awaydeath
233 Springville Herald1925-10-301Small Child is Burieddeath
234 Springville Herald1925-10-301Mrs. J. Whittle Dies in Provodeath
235 Springville Herald1925-10-302Old Payson Resident Diesdeath
236 Springville Herald1925-10-304Uintah Woman Buried in Provodeath
237 Springville Herald1925-11-131Funeral Held for Gore Babydeath
238 Springville Herald1925-11-201C. A. Van Leuvan Dies Suddenlydeath
239 Springville Herald1925-11-201Aged Payson Resident Diesdeath
240 Springville Herald1925-11-271C. A. Van Leuvan is Laid to Restdeath
241 Springville Herald1925-12-041Park City Baby is Buried in Springvilledeath
242 Springville Herald1925-12-181Respected Patriarch Laid at Restdeath
243 Springville Herald1925-12-181George Burch Laid to Restdeath
244 Springville Herald1925-12-181Mrs. Egilson is Laid to Restdeath
245 Springville Herald1925-12-183Jos. M. Jolley Dies Suddenly in Salt Lakedeath
246 Springville Herald1925-12-251Accident is Fatal to E. Z. Clarkdeath
247 Springville Herald1925-12-251Metcalf Baby Succumbs to Erisyplisdeath
248 Springville Herald1926-01-081Prominent Payson Man Passes Awaydeath
249 Springville Herald1926-01-152Utah Couty Businessman Dies on Coastdeath
250 Springville Herald1926-01-154Funeral Held for Brilliant Young Mandeath
226 - 250 of 5,469