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226 Roosevelt Standard1926-11-175Storm Snuffs out Lives of Childrendeath
227 Roosevelt Standard1926-11-178Murderers of Thomas Rhoades Ask for Clemencydeath
228 Roosevelt Standard1926-11-241Crash Kills One and Injures Sevendeath
229 Roosevelt Standard1926-11-241Infant Daughter Diesdeath
230 Roosevelt Standard1926-11-242Forty Killed in Tornadoesdeath
231 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-011Pioneer Passes Away at Hospital in Rooseveltdeath
232 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-011Coroner's Jury Unable to Fix Blame for Deathdeath
233 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-011Clemency Denied the Girls Held in Connection with Man's Deathdeath
234 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-084Former Colorado Governor is Deaddeath
235 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-151Chocking Spell Causes Sudden Death to Myton Childdeath
236 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-1518Infant Diesdeath
237 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-221Death Claims Wife of Vernal Mayordeath
238 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-228Joseph Peterson Son of Uintah County Agent Diesdeath
239 Roosevelt Standard1926-12-298Death Approaches Japanese Rulerdeath
240 Roosevelt Standard1927-01-121Jess Fieldstead Dies at Parents Home in Bonetadeath
241 Roosevelt Standard1927-01-12221 Killed, Ten Hurt in Mexican Clashesdeath
242 Roosevelt Standard1927-01-122Kill the Dogdeath
243 Roosevelt Standard1927-01-127Killing Was Not Murderdeath
244 Roosevelt Standard1927-03-021Mother of E. A. Shaw Dies Mondaydeath
245 Roosevelt Standard1927-03-168Quake's Dead Reaches 2000death
246 Roosevelt Standard1927-03-231Resident of Basin Seventeen Years Diesdeath
247 Roosevelt Standard1927-04-131Geo. E. Philipps Dies at Vernal Hospital after Short Illnessdeath
248 Roosevelt Standard1927-05-111Sister Dies at Home in Kansasdeath
249 Roosevelt Standard1927-05-111Roosevelt Will Celebrate Fourth of Julydeath
250 Roosevelt Standard1927-05-254School's Dead Numbers 44death
226 - 250 of 1,626