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226 Piute County News1926-10-224Scotland Yard Tracing Mystery of Fish Deathdeath
227 Piute County News1927-05-204Tornado's Death Toll Reaches 255death
228 Piute County News1925-08-213Nothing Good Diesdeath
229 Piute County News1930-12-305Ackerman Infant Diesdeath
230 Piute County News1928-12-141Mrs. Burt Johnson Buried at Auroradeath
231 Piute County News1926-02-195Senate Kills Publicity Tax Billdeath
232 Piute County News1930-06-271A Wonderful, Unsurpassed Minisg Regiondeath
233 Piute County News1937-06-041Funeral is Held at Circleville for Mrs. Heber Wileydeath
234 Piute County News1937-01-291Funeral Held at Circleville for Miss Whittakerdeath
235 Piute County News1929-03-011Pearl Helquist Butterfield Dies of Spinal Mengitiesdeath
236 Piute County News1931-09-045Police Hear Story of Mounting Auto Death Toll in Salt Lakedeath
237 Piute County News1931-07-245Mrs. Fournier Passesdeath
238 Piute County News1935-02-081Sam Mechamdeath
239 Piute County News1930-06-203Pioneer Woman Dies at Deltadeath
240 Piute County News1937-06-251Funeral Held for Porter Babydeath
241 Piute County News1927-05-061Dr. Shock Passes Awaydeath
242 Piute County News1931-11-065Richfield Pioneer Furniture Man Diesdeath
243 Piute County News1928-11-021John N. Holtby Funeral Servicesdeath
244 Piute County News1931-01-165John Q Cannon Passesdeath
245 Piute County News1929-05-031Elmer Jorgensen, Former Widtsoe Bishop Dies at Rooseveltdeath
246 Piute County News1932-06-241Funeral Services for M. W. Balerdeath
247 Piute County News1932-11-251Funeral Services for Sarah Ellen Howesdeath
248 Piute County News1925-08-212Oregon University Head Deaddeath
249 Piute County News1928-01-203Teasdale Boy Dies of Spinal Mengitiesdeath
250 Piute County News1929-03-013Mrs. Marioni Manwill Diesdeath
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