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226 Sugar House Bulletin1950-09-081Mayor and Wife Celebrate Infant Arrivalbirth
227 Sugar House Bulletin1951-03-164S. H. Lady Lions Hold Birthday Party Mondaybirth
228 Sugar House Bulletin1942-05-053'Happy Birthday' to Der Fuehrerbirth
229 Sugar House Bulletin1949-02-119Second Sen Born to John L. Squires'birth
230 Sugar House Bulletin1947-12-193Son Born to L. R. Milnesbirth
231 Sugar House Bulletin1945-07-134Holladay Area Pioneer Honored on 85th Birthdaybirth
232 Sugar House Bulletin1941-12-122Infants under Year Old Enjoy Christmas Gifts, Baby Claimsbirth
233 Sugar House Bulletin1950-11-171Sugar House Post Office Notes Tenth Birthdaybirth
234 Sugar House Bulletin1941-07-233Birthday Party for Sisbirth
235 Sugar House Bulletin1942-03-068Happy Birthdaybirth
236 Sugar House Bulletin1941-01-244Aged S. H. Man Gets Birthday Cakebirth
237 Sugar House Bulletin1951-04-276Birthday Gift for the Fishermanbirth
238 Sugar House Bulletin1941-04-111Baby Boy Arrivesbirth
239 Sugar House Bulletin1946-11-151Freestones Announce Birth of Daughterbirth
240 Sugar House Bulletin1943-02-055U.S. Birth Rate at High of 20.5 per Thousandbirth
241 Sugar House Bulletin1948-03-265Daughter Born to Victor Olsensbirth
242 Sugar House Bulletin1944-03-171Announce Birth of Baby Girlbirth
243 Sugar House Bulletin1945-12-141Birthday Party Honors Pioneer of Sugar Housebirth
244 Sugar House Bulletin1941-03-217Birth F Crinolinebirth
245 Sugar House Bulletin1952-04-252Fourth 'Sugar Days' Marks Community's 98th Birthdaybirth
246 Sugar House Bulletin1947-06-063Baby Boy Born to the Eldon Bittersbirth
247 Sugar House Bulletin1948-10-011Five Infant Sons Given Names Sundaybirth
248 Sugar House Bulletin1948-07-303Birthday Celebratedbirth
249 Sugar House Bulletin1946-03-151S. H. Legion Notes Birthdaybirth
250 Sugar House Bulletin1948-02-203Son Born to Dibblesbirth
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