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226 Milford News1945-06-143A Civilian is Bornbirth
227 Milford News1945-08-161Three New Babies are Born during Weekbirth
228 Milford News1945-09-133Siamese Twins Start Lifebirth
229 Milford News1945-12-135New Program to Increase Accuracy of Birth Certificatesbirth
230 Milford News1946-01-118Mrs. Kohler Notes Birth Anniversarybirth
231 Milford News1946-01-118Miss White Honored at Birthday Partybirth
232 Milford News1946-01-118Double Birthday Celebrationbirth
233 Milford News1946-01-185Birthday Party Jointly Honors Mrs. Altman, Mr. Steenbockbirth
234 Milford News1946-01-251Lady Trainmen Aid Birthday Ballbirth
235 Milford News1946-02-015[Illegible] Steenbock [Illegible] at Birthday [Illegible] for Ladiesbirth
236 Milford News1946-02-085Mrs. Weston Honored at Birthday Partybirth
237 Milford News1946-02-085Mrs. Walter James Celebrates Birthdaybirth
238 Milford News1946-02-085Mrs. Moore has Open House on Birthdaybirth
239 Milford News1946-02-085Mrs. Fotheringham Observes Birthdaybirth
240 Milford News1946-02-158Frank Leffies Marks Birthdaybirth
241 Milford News1946-03-088Camster Infant Diesbirth
242 Milford News1946-03-298Osborn Family Enjoys Dinnersbirth
243 Milford News1946-04-261G. I. A. Marks Birthday Anniversarybirth
244 Milford News1946-05-103Shirley Celebrates Birthbirth
245 Milford News1946-05-103Usda's Birthdaybirth
246 Milford News1946-07-128Clines Honor Frank Osborn on Anniversarybirth
247 Milford News1947-01-101Elaine Davis is First 1947 Babybirth
248 Milford News1947-01-171New Babiesbirth
249 Milford News1947-01-248New Babiesbirth
250 Milford News1947-02-077Holds Quads for First Timebirth
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