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226 Uintah Basin Standard1959-11-129A Son is Bornbirth
227 Uintah Basin Standard1959-11-1210Mrs. Jane Lyman Celebrates Birthday; is 86birth
228 Uintah Basin Standard1959-11-19413th Birthday Honoredbirth
229 Uintah Basin Standard1959-11-194Had Birthday Partybirth
230 Uintah Basin Standard1959-11-194Birthsbirth
231 Uintah Basin Standard1959-11-262Birthsbirth
232 Uintah Basin Standard1959-12-033Local Newsbirth
233 Uintah Basin Standard1959-12-034Birthsbirth
234 Uintah Basin Standard1959-12-105Birthsbirth
235 Uintah Basin Standard1959-12-1712Birthsbirth
236 Uintah Basin Standard1959-12-246Birthsbirth
237 Uintah Basin Standard1959-12-314Birthsbirth
238 Uintah Basin Standard1960-01-285Birthsbirth
239 Uintah Basin Standard1960-02-044Kate Adams is Honored on 80th Birthdaybirth
240 Uintah Basin Standard1960-02-044Birthsbirth
241 Uintah Basin Standard1960-02-044L. D. S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
242 Uintah Basin Standard1960-02-049Valentine Theme Carried out at Birthday Partybirth
243 Uintah Basin Standard1960-02-255Brent Brown Has Fun Birthday Partybirth
244 Uintah Basin Standard1960-04-143Mrs. Annie Bowden Marks 77th Birthday Thursdaybirth
245 Uintah Basin Standard1960-04-1410Birthday Parybirth
246 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-053Grandparents Honor 19th Birth Datebirth
247 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-053Robin Labrum Has Sixth Birthday Partybirth
248 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-054L.D.S. Hospital Happeningsbirth
249 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-057Max North Joins Friends on His Birthdaybirth
250 Uintah Basin Standard1960-05-126Birthday Club Honors Mrs. Birchbirth
226 - 250 of 518