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226 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-084Ferris F. Giles Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
227 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-086Leon M. Burton Rites Held Tuesday at 1 P. M.death
228 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-089Local Newsdeath
229 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-1512Mayor Ayock's Father Dies; Funeral Sept. 17death
230 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-1512Services Held for Plane Crash Victim Sept. 3rddeath
231 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-1512Phyllies Bigelow Dies after Brief Illnessdeath
232 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-227Funeral Services Today for 5-Month-Old Boydeath
233 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-227Sister of Clair Larsen Dies in Californiadeath
234 Uintah Basin Standard1960-09-291Driver of Truck Faces Charges in Women's Deathdeath
235 Uintah Basin Standard1960-10-135Funeral is Held for Wilemina Tomdeath
236 Uintah Basin Standard1960-10-205Roy Taylor Dies in Craig; Funeral Oct. 15death
237 Uintah Basin Standard1960-10-205Dies in Missourideath
238 Uintah Basin Standard1960-10-208Former Altonah Resident Diesdeath
239 Uintah Basin Standard1960-10-2011Funeral Rites for Ed Thompson Held Wednesdaydeath
240 Uintah Basin Standard1960-10-276Duchesne Stake Patriarch Dies in Slat Lake City following Stroke; Funeral Held Friday at Mt. Emmonsdeath
241 Uintah Basin Standard1960-11-101Death Overtakes George Wilcken at Age 80 Yearsdeath
242 Uintah Basin Standard1960-11-102Fahy Durfee Dies in Salt Lake; Rites at Avalondeath
243 Uintah Basin Standard1960-11-104Robert Allen, 80, Rites Held Wednesdaydeath
244 Uintah Basin Standard1960-11-179Funeral Services Held for Ralph C. Bakerdeath
245 Uintah Basin Standard1960-12-151Final Rites Held for Mrs Lovina M Murphydeath
246 Uintah Basin Standard1960-12-1510Early Duchesne Pioneer Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
247 Uintah Basin Standard1960-12-2212Mother of Loren and Alden Alexander Diesdeath
248 Uintah Basin Standard1960-12-294Former Basin Resident Dies in Oregondeath
249 Uintah Basin Standard1961-02-093Final Rites for Leah Powell Held Thursdaydeath
250 Uintah Basin Standard1961-02-094Funeral Services for Darrell Ercanbrack Helddeath
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