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226 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215Tree-Sitting Cat Quitsarticle
227 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215Wintering Cattlearticle
228 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215Poison Rock Chucksarticle
229 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215Duchesne Localsarticle
230 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215Fruitlandarticle
231 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215Mountain Homearticle
232 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215Legion Would Push Work on Public Improvementsarticle
233 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215New Process Makes Leather in One Weekarticle
234 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-215Local Newsarticle
235 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216unclassified
236 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216page
237 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216advertisement
238 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Green Ducks Always in Demand at Fair Pricesarticle
239 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Women's Hands Larger than Ancestors'article
240 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216And He Doesn'tarticle
241 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216The Vale of Aragonarticle
242 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Avoid Worm Troublesarticle
243 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Keep Young Cockerels in "Bachelor" Quartersarticle
244 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Boon to Smallpox Patientsarticle
245 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Fall Egg Laying Brings in Profitsarticle
246 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Stage Coach Talesarticle
247 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Counts Time Spent on Study of "Math" Wastedarticle
248 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216One is Enougharticle
249 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Mortality Factsarticle
250 Uintah Basin Record1931-08-216Thank Goodnessarticle
226 - 250 of 39,699