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226 Rich County Reaper1943-07-231Funeral Service Held for Ernest Corless Tuesdaydeath
227 Rich County Reaper1943-08-061Dr. M. S. Reay Dies of Heart Attackdeath
228 Rich County Reaper1943-08-131Death Claims Prominent Rich County Physiciandeath
229 Rich County Reaper1943-08-205Five Killed in $5,000,000 Harlem Riotdeath
230 Rich County Reaper1943-09-031Death Claims Mother of Randolph Womandeath
231 Rich County Reaper1943-09-173New Chemical Kills Lice on Cattledeath
232 Rich County Reaper1943-10-221Death Claims James Brown Jr.death
233 Rich County Reaper1943-11-051Mrs. Lois Pope Osborn Dies at Soda Springsdeath
234 Rich County Reaper1943-11-051Klea Peart Larson Dies Very Suddenlydeath
235 Rich County Reaper1943-11-121Former Randolph Citizen Dies at Ogdendeath
236 Rich County Reaper1943-11-261Dr. Kackley Succumbs at Soda Springsdeath
237 Rich County Reaper1944-01-141John Nicholls Dies at Parisdeath
238 Rich County Reaper1944-01-141Husband of Randolph Girl Killeddeath
239 Rich County Reaper1944-03-101Bertha Cook Porter, Former Woodruff Resident Diesdeath
240 Rich County Reaper1944-03-311Funeral Services Held at Laketown Friday for Ensign Earl W. Meyersdeath
241 Rich County Reaper1944-06-091Yvonne Lloyd Dies Suddenlydeath
242 Rich County Reaper1944-06-161Funeral Services Held Friday for Laketown Ladydeath
243 Rich County Reaper1944-06-231Funeral Services Held Thursday for Nephi Mulforddeath
244 Rich County Reaper1944-07-071Funeral Feld for Mrs. Alta Griffithdeath
245 Rich County Reaper1944-08-111Kathleen Ashby Diesdeath
246 Rich County Reaper1944-08-111Former Randolph Citizen Passesdeath
247 Rich County Reaper1944-08-112When King Died in India, Elephant Chose New Rulerdeath
248 Rich County Reaper1944-09-083Body of Pope Who Died 30 Years Ago in Ritualdeath
249 Rich County Reaper1944-09-221Forest Fire Kills Deerdeath
250 Rich County Reaper1944-10-065Loyalty Sneer Leads to Death, Murder Chargedeath
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