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226 Pleasant Grove Review1944-07-071Mrs. Amelia Thompson Obsreves Birthday Anniversary June 29thbirth
227 Pleasant Grove Review1944-08-042Coast Guard's 154th Birthday Finds it Fighting Axis on Seven Seas, in Addition to Peacetime Dutiesbirth
228 Pleasant Grove Review1944-08-251Nathaniel West to Observe Birthday Anniversary Soonbirth
229 Pleasant Grove Review1944-11-241Mrs. Geo. B. Peay Honored on Birthday Anniversarybirth
230 Pleasant Grove Review1944-12-294New Year's Day Antedates the Birth of Christ by 452 Yearsbirth
231 Pleasant Grove Review1945-01-191Nelson T. Fenton , Early Pioneer of Utah Observes his 90th birthday Anniversary on January Eighthbirth
232 Pleasant Grove Review1945-01-281Mrs. Anna Johnson Observes 75th Birthday Anniversarybirth
233 Pleasant Grove Review1945-01-281Ezra F. Walker Observes his 86th Birthday Anniversarybirth
234 Pleasant Grove Review1945-02-021Elizabeth Cullimore Ash Passes Her 80th Birthday Anniversarybirth
235 Pleasant Grove Review1945-03-021Pioneer Celebrates 80th Birthdaybirth
236 Pleasant Grove Review1945-05-254Party Enjoyed on Birthday Anniversarybirth
237 Pleasant Grove Review1945-05-257War-Born Lesson Dropped from Airbirth
238 Pleasant Grove Review1945-06-011Archie Boren Observes his Birthday Anniversarybirth
239 Pleasant Grove Review1945-06-151Lydia B. Lund is Honored on Birthday Anniversarybirth
240 Pleasant Grove Review1945-06-154Husband and Father Honored on Birthdaybirth
241 Pleasant Grove Review1945-06-156A Civilian is Bornbirth
242 Pleasant Grove Review1945-08-104Birth Registration Declared Highly Necessarybirth
243 Pleasant Grove Review1945-08-171Primary Observes Birthday Partybirth
244 Pleasant Grove Review1945-08-314Birth Marksbirth
245 Pleasant Grove Review1945-09-149Boren Family have Birthday Partybirth
246 Pleasant Grove Review1945-10-051Mrs. Warnick Observes Birthday Annivbirth
247 Pleasant Grove Review1945-11-235Birth Marksbirth
248 Pleasant Grove Review1945-12-067Celebrates Birthdaybirth
249 Pleasant Grove Review1946-01-041Lester G. West is Honored on Birthday Anniversarybirth
250 Pleasant Grove Review1946-01-044Hospital Newsbirth
226 - 250 of 1,841