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226 Piute County News1937-07-024Funeral Held at Escalante for Annis L. Woolseydeath
227 Piute County News1938-08-261Harrison Merrill Called by Deathdeath
228 Piute County News1939-05-121Obituariesdeath
229 Piute County News1939-09-221Home Accidents Rival Car Deathsdeath
230 Piute County News1939-11-108Revealing Deathdeath
231 Piute County News1940-03-011Taylor Whittaker Dies at Circlevilledeath
232 Piute County News1940-11-223Deserving Welldeath
233 Piute County News1941-04-041Funeral Services Are Held for Edwin E. Baydeath
234 Piute County News1941-04-181Former Resident Dies Tuesday in Salt Lake Citydeath
235 Piute County News1941-05-021Well-Known Publisher is Buried Sunday Afternoondeath
236 Piute County News1941-05-021Mrs. McCarty Passes Sundaydeath
237 Piute County News1941-05-231Young Woman Dies from Accident Injuriesdeath
238 Piute County News1941-06-271Gun Shot Victim Buried at Monroe Tuesdaydeath
239 Piute County News1941-06-271Many People Attend Funeraldeath
240 Piute County News1941-06-271Quarrel Over Water Results in Death of Chad Howesdeath
241 Piute County News1941-07-041Circleville Woman is Buried Thursday Afternoondeath
242 Piute County News1941-07-111Meet Death in Flaming Autodeath
243 Piute County News1941-07-111Mrs. Dalton Buried Thurs.death
244 Piute County News1941-10-311Young Boy Dies following Operationdeath
245 Piute County News1941-11-071Funeral Services Conducted for Harold Morrilldeath
246 Piute County News1941-11-211Attend Funeral Servicesdeath
247 Piute County News1942-01-161Matron Buried at Antimony Tuesdaydeath
248 Piute County News1942-03-201Funeral Services Are Held for County Pioneerdeath
249 Piute County News1942-05-151Junction Man Passes at Home of Sondeath
250 Piute County News1942-05-291Irvin B. Barnson Buried at Jucntion Mondaydeath
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