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226 Morgan County News1949-03-111Morgan Kin Dies in Californiadeath
227 Morgan County News1946-07-268Sentenced to Diedeath
228 Morgan County News1951-07-201Horace W. Bond Died Friday of Heart Ailmentdeath
229 Morgan County News1949-01-211Mrs. Jensen, 83, Died Tuesday after Illnessdeath
230 Morgan County News1931-11-191Andrew Peterson Funeral Servicesdeath
231 Morgan County News1944-12-011Native Morganite Dies after Short Illnessdeath
232 Morgan County News1948-07-161Rites Planned Today for Jos. S. Welchdeath
233 Morgan County News1949-10-281Morby Rites Are Held on Tuesdaydeath
234 Morgan County News1941-09-121Funeral Services for John F. Edgel Held Sunday, September 7death
235 Morgan County News1943-12-031Mrs. Hannah C. Rees, Coalville Pioneer, Dies after Short Illnessdeath
236 Morgan County News1954-12-101Waldron Rites Held Dec. 3 in Californiadeath
237 Morgan County News1952-09-051Death Claims Mrs. Rosedeath
238 Morgan County News1931-05-078Impressive Funeral Services Held in 13th Warddeath
239 Morgan County News1939-10-202Floyd Gibbons' Adventurers' Clubdeath
240 Morgan County News1938-12-021Suit Asks Auto Death Damagesdeath
241 Morgan County News1935-06-274Obsequesdeath
242 Morgan County News1947-06-276'Blind' Beggar Admits He Killed Pal in Subway Traindeath
243 Morgan County News1938-12-021Former Sheriff of Morgan Diesdeath
244 Morgan County News1938-11-181Death Angel Calls Former Milton Residentdeath
245 Morgan County News1947-08-156Born after Mother's Death, Caesarean Baby Follows Herdeath
246 Morgan County News1937-09-302Sound Waves Kill Germsdeath
247 Morgan County News1947-11-211Final Rites Are Held for Accident Victimdeath
248 Morgan County News1950-04-146IPC, New Weed Killer, Showing High Promisedeath
249 Morgan County News1939-05-121Work Rarely Killsdeath
250 Morgan County News1954-07-301Final Rites for A. J. Morgan Held on Tuesdaydeath
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