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226 Lehi Sun1923-02-012Former Chinese Minister Diesdeath
227 Lehi Sun1923-02-017Lincoln Death Markdeath
228 Lehi Sun1923-02-081Mrs. Ernest Rothe Dies Suddenlydeath
229 Lehi Sun1923-02-222Labor Leaders Shot to Deathdeath
230 Lehi Sun1923-03-011Young Man Buried Heredeath
231 Lehi Sun1923-03-081Boy Buried at Fairfielddeath
232 Lehi Sun1923-03-081Mrs. Thomas Robson Called by Death Yesterdaydeath
233 Lehi Sun1923-03-082Democrat Chief Called by Deathdeath
234 Lehi Sun1923-03-082Veteran Pilot Diesdeath
235 Lehi Sun1923-03-151Thomas Baby Called by Deathdeath
236 Lehi Sun1923-03-152Death Penalty on Booze Salesdeath
237 Lehi Sun1923-03-158Funeral Services Conducted for Mrs. Eva A. Robsondeath
238 Lehi Sun1923-03-222Engineer Dies in Train Wreckdeath
239 Lehi Sun1923-03-222Former Montenegro Queen Diesdeath
240 Lehi Sun1923-03-223Death is Swallowed up in Historydeath
241 Lehi Sun1923-03-291Successful Farmer Called by Deathdeath
242 Lehi Sun1923-03-292Massachusetts Man 103, Diesdeath
243 Lehi Sun1923-03-292Senator S. D. Nicholson Diesdeath
244 Lehi Sun1923-03-292Priests Sentenced to Deathdeath
245 Lehi Sun1923-03-294Miss Arretta Young Diesdeath
246 Lehi Sun1923-03-295Mrs. Marshall Turner Buried at Cedar Fortdeath
247 Lehi Sun1923-04-052Blizzard Sweeps Island, 3 Deaddeath
248 Lehi Sun1923-04-191Death Calls Aged Citizendeath
249 Lehi Sun1923-04-191Early Lehi Business Man Called by Deathdeath
250 Lehi Sun1923-04-192Death Calls Pioneer Bishopdeath
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