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226 Grand Valley Times1914-08-071Godfrey Johnson, Former Moab Man, Dies in Idahodeath
227 Grand Valley Times1914-08-146Death Claims First Lady of the Landdeath
228 Grand Valley Times1914-08-287Pope Plus X Dies Grieving over Wardeath
229 Grand Valley Times1914-09-041John A. Burr is Suddenly Calleddeath
230 Grand Valley Times1914-09-251Mrs. J. H. Clark Dies at Pueblodeath
231 Grand Valley Times1914-10-022Idaho Jurist Deaddeath
232 Grand Valley Times1914-10-097Prominent Business Man Deaddeath
233 Grand Valley Times1914-10-163King of Rumania Deaddeath
234 Grand Valley Times1914-11-066General Chaffee Calleddeath
235 Grand Valley Times1915-01-011A. M. Starmont Dies at Lansingdeath
236 Grand Valley Times1915-01-221Mrs. Huntsman Dies at Age of 84 Yearsdeath
237 Grand Valley Times1915-01-292Alaska Senator Diesdeath
238 Grand Valley Times1915-02-266Noted Bandit Calleddeath
239 Grand Valley Times1915-03-192Noted Artist Deaddeath
240 Grand Valley Times1915-03-192Count Witte Deaddeath
241 Grand Valley Times1915-04-021Father of Mrs. Cooper Diesdeath
242 Grand Valley Times1915-04-096Former Ambassador Deaddeath
243 Grand Valley Times1915-04-166Noted Editor Deaddeath
244 Grand Valley Times1915-04-236Senator Alorich Suddenly Calleddeath
245 Grand Valley Times1915-05-077Famous Sitka Rector Deaddeath
246 Grand Valley Times1915-06-041John Schumann, Old Prospector, Deaddeath
247 Grand Valley Times1915-06-048Prof. Merrill Diesdeath
248 Grand Valley Times1915-08-061J. N. Roberson Died in Alabama, July 26death
249 Grand Valley Times1915-08-271Mrs. S. A. Taylor Called Beyonddeath
250 Grand Valley Times1915-10-291Mabel Beyler Called Beyonddeath
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