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226 Garland Globe1908-10-102Richest Woman in Canada Dies at Age of Eightydeath
227 Garland Globe1908-10-171Death of H. Bennettdeath
228 Garland Globe1908-10-172Stephen A. Douglas Deaddeath
229 Garland Globe1908-10-242New Jersey Judge Suicidesdeath
230 Garland Globe1908-10-316Tragic Coincidence in Death of Envoysdeath
231 Garland Globe1908-11-072Mrs. William Astor Deaddeath
232 Garland Globe1908-11-141Death of J. M. Jensen, Jr.death
233 Garland Globe1908-11-142Prominent Railroad Man Dies Suddenlydeath
234 Garland Globe1908-11-212Chinese Emperor Dead and Dowager is Dyingdeath
235 Garland Globe1908-11-212Dowager Empress Deaddeath
236 Garland Globe1908-11-282Tragic Death of Heroic Minersdeath
237 Garland Globe1908-12-125Impressive Funeral Servicesdeath
238 Garland Globe1908-12-192Two Burned to Deathdeath
239 Garland Globe1908-12-262Actor Found Dead in Beddeath
240 Garland Globe1908-12-262Priest Suicides at Seadeath
241 Garland Globe1908-12-262Blacksmith Froze to Deathdeath
242 Garland Globe1908-12-265Women Fight a Duel to Deathdeath
243 Garland Globe1909-01-022Murder or Suicide?death
244 Garland Globe1909-01-094One Man Dead, Another Dying, and Man and Woman Woundeddeath
245 Garland Globe1909-01-162Four Burned to Deathdeath
246 Garland Globe1909-01-164Sweater Nearly Causes Deathdeath
247 Garland Globe1909-01-166On the Death of Balzacdeath
248 Garland Globe1909-01-231Sudden Death of an Estimable Young Ladydeath
249 Garland Globe1909-01-232Death Claims Admiral Rojestvenskydeath
250 Garland Globe1909-01-301Death of Mrs. P. C. Jensendeath
226 - 250 of 463