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226 Garfield County News1947-11-131Marshall-Black Engagement Announcedwedding
227 Garfield County News1947-11-201Houston-Nelson Nuptials Nov. 15wedding
228 Garfield County News1947-11-201Ford-Miller Wed at Elko, Nevadawedding
229 Garfield County News1947-11-271Carter-Allen Wed at St. Georgewedding
230 Garfield County News1947-12-041Anderson-Adair Marriage Announcedwedding
231 Garfield County News1947-12-251Peterson-Boyer Marriage Announcedwedding
232 Garfield County News1948-01-011Announce Engagementwedding
233 Garfield County News1948-01-011Engagement Announcedwedding
234 Garfield County News1948-01-011Hancock-Olsen Wed at Saint Georgewedding
235 Garfield County News1948-01-221Engagement Announcedwedding
236 Garfield County News1948-03-251Elmer-Miller Nuptials Solemnized in Mesawedding
237 Garfield County News1948-04-011Talbot-Dalley Nuptials Solemnizedwedding
238 Garfield County News1948-04-151Marriage Announcedwedding
239 Garfield County News1948-04-151Smith-McAllister Nuptials Solemnizedwedding
240 Garfield County News1948-04-221Marriage Announcedwedding
241 Garfield County News1948-04-291Former Resident Weds Cedar City Manwedding
242 Garfield County News1948-05-061Talbot-Daly Nuptials Solemnized at Home Wedding April 25wedding
243 Garfield County News1948-05-061Engagement Announcedwedding
244 Garfield County News1948-05-061Cannonville Girl Marries in Arizonawedding
245 Garfield County News1948-05-131Former Resident Marries Phoenix Manwedding
246 Garfield County News1948-05-201Worthen-Houston Engagement Announcedwedding
247 Garfield County News1948-05-271Cummings-Haycock Married May 18wedding
248 Garfield County News1948-06-031Escalante Woman Weds Tacoma Businessmanwedding
249 Garfield County News1948-06-101Doble Wedding for Panguitch Girls Heldwedding
250 Garfield County News1948-06-171Tea Held for Local Girl Wed Tuesdaywedding
226 - 250 of 2,697