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1 Grand Valley Times1910-11-115Wife of D. B. Perkins Diesdeath
2 Grand Valley Times1896-11-062Death in a Welldeath
3 Grand Valley Times1918-11-221H. R. Argyle, Aviator, Dies in Californiadeath
4 Grand Valley Times1914-11-066General Chaffee Calleddeath
5 Grand Valley Times1912-11-222General Merriam Deaddeath
6 Grand Valley Times1911-11-031Mrs. Mathias Martin Dies Suddenly at Richardsondeath
7 Grand Valley Times1896-11-062Manager Bunce Deaddeath
8 Grand Valley Times1918-11-225Jos. F. Smith, President of L. D. S. Church, Diesdeath
9 Grand Valley Times1912-11-297Leaped to Deathdeath
10 Grand Valley Times1918-11-298Son of Former Agent at Thompsons Diesdeath
11 Grand Valley Times1913-11-218Prominent Citizen of Payson Called Beyonddeath
12 Grand Valley Times1896-11-202Wealthy Kentuckian Deaddeath
13 Grand Valley Times1911-11-038Noted Journalist Calleddeath
14 Grand Valley Times1913-11-076Custer's Messenger Deaddeath
15 Grand Valley Times1918-11-151Grand County Soldier Reported Dead at Campdeath
16 Grand Valley Times1911-11-176Frozen to Deathdeath
17 Grand Valley Times1918-11-157Yale Professor Diesdeath
18 Grand Valley Times1910-11-252Death of Tolstoideath
19 Grand Valley Times1918-11-011Harry H. Preston Dies of Influenzadeath
20 Grand Valley Times1902-11-281Buddly Taylor Deaddeath
21 Grand Valley Times1911-11-101Funeral Service is Held Sundaydeath
22 Grand Valley Times1910-11-256Sudden Death of Hoytdeath
23 Grand Valley Times1915-11-196Booker T. Washington Deaddeath
24 Grand Valley Times1910-11-186Senator Clay Deaddeath
25 Grand Valley Times1918-11-228Gid R. Proper, Mining Man, Dies at Salt Lakedeath
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