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1 Morgan County News1942-09-251Death Calls Prominent Residentdeath
2 Morgan County News1954-12-241Spackman Rites Held Saturday in Farmingtondeath
3 Morgan County News1931-11-052Fly Kills Kansas Mandeath
4 Morgan County News1947-12-191Temple Rites Dec. 10 Unite Coupledeath
5 Morgan County News1937-02-046Death Claims Merchant of Davis Countydeath
6 Morgan County News1939-04-214"Deadhead'death
7 Morgan County News1939-06-091Morgan Pioneer Lady Dies in Logan, Mondaydeath
8 Morgan County News1949-03-251Six Sheep Are Killed by Dogsdeath
9 Morgan County News1940-04-261Utah Handcart Pioneer Dead at the Age of Eighty - Onedeath
10 Morgan County News1948-12-101Services Held For J. Bronsondeath
11 Morgan County News1935-03-211Death Calls Infantdeath
12 Morgan County News1949-02-181Kill Wireworm Right Now, Agent Advisesdeath
13 Morgan County News1950-06-161Final Tribute is Paid Mrs. Tonks at Funeral Services in Tabernacledeath
14 Morgan County News1948-05-141Kin Diesdeath
15 Morgan County News1935-05-021James Henry Tucker Funeral, Saturday, May 4death
16 Morgan County News1951-09-211Cow Killed Sunday at Clark Farmdeath
17 Morgan County News1938-07-291Morgan Lad Dies in Ogden Hospitaldeath
18 Morgan County News1949-05-061No Traffic Deaths Recorded Locallydeath
19 Morgan County News1948-09-171Brigham Resident Died on Sundaydeath
20 Morgan County News1931-12-171'Funeral Services Held for Morgan Patriarchdeath
21 Morgan County News1935-05-303Dead Leaves Decompose, Make Good Top-Dressingdeath
22 Morgan County News1937-03-043Arthur Brisbane, Editor, Dies at 72death
23 Morgan County News1935-03-071Morgan Lady Killed by Auto near Homedeath
24 Morgan County News1939-11-102Revealing Deathdeath
25 Morgan County News1932-11-233Killed by an Autodeath
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