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1 Morgan County News1930-01-091Former Coalville Man's Son Dies in Ogden Jan. 5death
2 Morgan County News1930-01-091Former Morgan Lady Dies in Californiadeath
3 Morgan County News1930-02-061George Roberts, Sr., Dies at Home in Heneferdeath
4 Morgan County News1930-02-131Funeral Rites Held for George Roberts, Sr.death
5 Morgan County News1930-02-271Former Morgan and Coalville Resident Diesdeath
6 Morgan County News1930-04-171Death Angel Calls Young Mandeath
7 Morgan County News1930-06-123Friendly Feeling for Birds That Kill Snakesdeath
8 Morgan County News1930-06-262Cagliostro Died in Papal Prisondeath
9 Morgan County News1930-07-031Pioneer Morgan Lady Dies Suddenly in Ogdendeath
10 Morgan County News1930-07-317Kill Red Mitesdeath
11 Morgan County News1930-09-111John Green, Pioneer Dies at Age of 84death
12 Morgan County News1930-09-251Peoa Herder Killed When Pistol Fallsdeath
13 Morgan County News1930-10-092Flood Control on Water Projects Are O. K. Burned to Death at Firedeath
14 Morgan County News1930-10-301Mrs. Andrew Poulson Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
15 Morgan County News1930-10-301Funeral Services Held for Thomas Benton Dunndeath
16 Morgan County News1930-11-066A Good Beet Cropdeath
17 Morgan County News1930-11-201Former Morgan and Summit Man Passes Awaydeath
18 Morgan County News1931-02-051Early Morgan County Resident Dies in Ogdendeath
19 Morgan County News1931-02-051Funeral Services Held for Morgan H. S. Studentdeath
20 Morgan County News1931-04-231Funeral Services for Hoytsville Boy Held Tuesdeath
21 Morgan County News1931-05-078Impressive Funeral Services Held in 13th Warddeath
22 Morgan County News1931-05-078Funeral Held for Young Mother at Marion, Utahdeath
23 Morgan County News1931-05-141Funeral Services Held for Young Morgan Matrondeath
24 Morgan County News1931-05-281One of Morgan's Oldest Residents Dies in S. L.death
25 Morgan County News1931-08-131Services Held for Young Accident Victimdeath
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