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1 Sugar House Bulletin1953-10-231Old 'Pen' Dies, S H Pk. Bornbirth
2 Sugar House Bulletin1954-11-124Birthsbirth
3 Sugar House Bulletin1955-10-134Son is Bornbirth
4 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-171Sugar House to Note 99th Birthday in Gay Festivalbirth
5 Sugar House Bulletin1955-04-077Babiesbirth
6 Sugar House Bulletin1953-04-106Elias Ellefsen Honored on 80th Birthdaybirth
7 Sugar House Bulletin1955-12-012Obituarybirth
8 Sugar House Bulletin1956-08-164Babiesbirth
9 Sugar House Bulletin1953-05-084Emc Ward to Observe 92nd Birthdaybirth
10 Sugar House Bulletin1953-05-0834th Birthdaybirth
11 Sugar House Bulletin1954-05-283Son is Bornbirth
12 Sugar House Bulletin1955-06-309Babiesbirth
13 Sugar House Bulletin1952-09-156Birthday Fete at Cahoonsbirth
14 Sugar House Bulletin1953-08-218Susan Clark Birthdaybirth
15 Sugar House Bulletin1954-10-0821st Birthdaybirth
16 Sugar House Bulletin1955-07-282Carol Lynne's 10th Birthdaybirth
17 Sugar House Bulletin1954-01-222Baby Boybirth
18 Sugar House Bulletin1955-11-248Linda Burgener Birthdaybirth
19 Sugar House Bulletin1956-02-231Utah National Guard Birthday, Muster Day Honor Washingtonbirth
20 Sugar House Bulletin1956-10-185Paul Davis Honored on 8th Birthdaybirth
21 Sugar House Bulletin1956-10-185Babiesbirth
22 Sugar House Bulletin1953-08-219Girl is Bornbirth
23 Sugar House Bulletin1955-09-083Babiesbirth
24 Sugar House Bulletin1956-01-125Daughter Bornbirth
25 Sugar House Bulletin1952-06-027Grandchild Born in Eastbirth
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