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1 Davis County Clipper1892-10-192Birthsbirth
2 Davis County Clipper1892-11-104birth
3 Davis County Clipper1897-04-023The Joker's Cornerbirth
4 Davis County Clipper1897-10-223birth
5 Davis County Clipper1907-02-152High School Ball a Successbirth
6 Davis County Clipper1908-05-294Seventy-Eight Birthdaybirth
7 Davis County Clipper1908-05-298Half Century Birthdaybirth
8 Davis County Clipper1909-06-047A Justifiable Expressionbirth
9 Davis County Clipper1909-07-162birth
10 Davis County Clipper1911-03-104birth
11 Davis County Clipper1912-07-268South Hooperbirth
12 Davis County Clipper1922-09-157General Itemsbirth
13 Davis County Clipper1925-03-063Famous Americans Born in Month of Februarybirth
14 Davis County Clipper1925-03-064Kaysville Kinksbirth
15 Davis County Clipper1926-08-132Baree, Son of Kazanbirth
16 Davis County Clipper1934-10-122Birth Rate of Twinsbirth
17 Davis County Clipper1934-12-217Sextuplet Birthbirth
18 Davis County Clipper1936-05-227The Graphic Biblebirth
19 Davis County Clipper1936-06-261Patriarch Israel Call to Observe 82nd Birthdaybirth
20 Davis County Clipper1937-12-313Gives Birth to Fifth Caesarian Babybirth
21 Davis County Clipper1938-12-021Anna M. Jacobson To Observe Birthday Dec. 8 in S. L. Citybirth
22 Davis County Clipper1938-12-028Mrs. Lillie V. Brown Celebrated 72nd Birthday, Nov. 28birth
23 Davis County Clipper1938-12-304Saturday Last, P. P. Willey Observed His 84th Birthdaybirth
24 Davis County Clipper1940-03-221Clearfieldbirth
25 Davis County Clipper1942-02-061Births Announced since January 29birth
1 - 25 of 2,312