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1 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-031Mrs. Chloe M. Case Dies following a Lingering Illnessdeath
2 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-031High Tension Wire Kills Myton Man; Funeral Rites Helddeath
3 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-1710Bluebelldeath
4 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-1711Death Noticedeath
5 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-242Resident of Basin 40 Years Dies after Long Illnessdeath
6 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-242Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Adella G. Rowleydeath
7 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-313Two-Year Fight with Cancer Ends in Death for Mrs. Clarenc Rowleydeath
8 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-319Bluebelldeath
9 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-319Former Resident Diesdeath
10 Uintah Basin Standard1957-01-3111Death Noticesdeath
11 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-078Final Rites Held for William H Gentrydeath
12 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-0710Final Rites Held for Wm. Rhoadesdeath
13 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-1410Former Neola Resident Diesdeath
14 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-1411Death Noticesdeath
15 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-212Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Harriet L. Arnolddeath
16 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-2812Leeton-Bennettdeath
17 Uintah Basin Standard1957-02-2813Death Noticesdeath
18 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-072Death Noticesdeath
19 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-0711Death Noticesdeath
20 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-142Death Noticesdeath
21 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-144Attended Funeral of Mrs. John Strangdeath
22 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-2110Luther E. Potter Rites Are Helddeath
23 Uintah Basin Standard1957-03-281Mother of Howard Ivory Dies from Accident Injuriesdeath
24 Uintah Basin Standard1957-04-0410Final Rites Monday for "Gus" Emert, Buried at Vernaldeath
25 Uintah Basin Standard1957-04-0411Tabiona Pioneer Dies at Age 81, Funeral Tuesdaydeath
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