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1 Pleasant Grove Review1929-02-161Funeral Services held Sunday for Ida may Denverdeath
2 Pleasant Grove Review1929-02-165Impressive Funeral Services Held for Honored Matrondeath
3 Pleasant Grove Review1929-02-231Funeral Services Held for Lloyd Dean Bachusdeath
4 Pleasant Grove Review1929-02-235Funeral Services Held for R. L. Bassettdeath
5 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-022Utah Death Rate Shows Large [Illegible]death
6 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-025Funeral Services Held in Salt Lake City for Wm. Jospeh Bodelldeath
7 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-025John Crystal Found Dead Funeral Held Sundaydeath
8 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-091Child Dies of Pneumonia following Scarlet Feverdeath
9 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-095Adophus Pulley Studies Chicago Markets and Cold Storage Plantsdeath
10 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-095Thomas Singleton Dies following Serious Illnessdeath
11 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-165Impressive Funeral Services Held for Thomas Singletondeath
12 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-167American Ferk Localsdeath
13 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-235Prominent American Fork Native Diesdeath
14 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-236Alpine Newsdeath
15 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-238Local Newsdeath
16 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-305Funeral Services Held for Storrs Babydeath
17 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-306Alpine Newsdeath
18 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-061Mother of Eight Children Diesdeath
19 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-061Old Resident of Pleasant Grove Diesdeath
20 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-061Local Newsdeath
21 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-131Funeral Services for Levina Wittaker Backusdeath
22 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-131Funeral Services for Old Resident Helddeath
23 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-135Funeral Services Held for Mrs. Emily Hansendeath
24 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-201Baby Dies of Pneumoniadeath
25 Pleasant Grove Review1929-04-201Funeral Services Held for Mary Driggs Robisondeath
1 - 25 of 4,435