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1 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-021Mrs. Annie Holman Honored on 69th Birthdaybirth
2 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-022L' Enfant Planned Open [Illegible] Space in Washingtonbirth
3 Pleasant Grove Review1929-03-301Grandma Margaret Brown Celebrate 93rd Birthdaybirth
4 Pleasant Grove Review1929-07-272Utah Leads Birth Rate for Nation; Deaths Gainbirth
5 Pleasant Grove Review1929-08-031Ellis Family Celebrate 88th Birthday of Alexander Ellisbirth
6 Pleasant Grove Review1929-08-031Robinson Family Celebrate 89th Birthday of W. S. Robinsonbirth
7 Pleasant Grove Review1929-08-031Sundberg Family Entertain for Mother's Birthdaybirth
8 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-055Infant of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hindley, Jr., Passes Awaybirth
9 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-191D. Noble Honored on 75th Birthdaybirth
10 Pleasant Grove Review1929-10-191Mrs. H. S. Powell Honored on 75th Birthdaybirth
11 Pleasant Grove Review1933-03-032Birthday of the Navel Orange Celebratedbirth
12 Pleasant Grove Review1933-03-108Birthday Partybirth
13 Pleasant Grove Review1933-03-247Presidents Born Posthumouslybirth
14 Pleasant Grove Review1933-05-122Old Guard Celebrates its 107th Birthdaybirth
15 Pleasant Grove Review1933-06-095Sixtieth Birthday Celebratedbirth
16 Pleasant Grove Review1933-08-116Henry Ford on Seventieth [Illegible]birth
17 Pleasant Grove Review1933-09-151City Birthday Observedbirth
18 Pleasant Grove Review1933-09-153Homer's Birthplace in Smyrna?birth
19 Pleasant Grove Review1933-11-032Booker Washington Born Slavebirth
20 Pleasant Grove Review1933-11-247[Illegible] of Birth of Columbusbirth
21 Pleasant Grove Review1933-12-155Adamson Infant Buried Wednesdaybirth
22 Pleasant Grove Review1933-12-15880th Birthday Celebrated by E. E .Hallbirth
23 Pleasant Grove Review1934-02-023First Free-Born Citybirth
24 Pleasant Grove Review1934-02-091Babies Born during Weekbirth
25 Pleasant Grove Review1934-03-021On Walker Family to Old Birthday Reunionbirth
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