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1 Morgan County News1942-09-251Death Calls Prominent Residentdeath
2 Morgan County News1951-09-211Cow Killed Sunday at Clark Farmdeath
3 Morgan County News1948-09-171Brigham Resident Died on Sundaydeath
4 Morgan County News1938-09-302Floyd Gibbons' Adventurers' Clubdeath
5 Morgan County News1946-09-2762.4-D Known to Kill Many Weeds Outrightdeath
6 Morgan County News1937-09-022Funeral Held for Mrs. Flossie Carter Porterdeath
7 Morgan County News1946-09-066Use Vapor to Kill Plant Pests Indoorsdeath
8 Morgan County News1938-09-301Coalville Youth Run over by Car, Diesdeath
9 Morgan County News1947-09-261Funeral is Held for Former Morgan Residentdeath
10 Morgan County News1938-09-301Pioneer Resident of Peterson Dies in Ogdendeath
11 Morgan County News1941-09-121Funeral Services Held for Warrick Foster at Henefer Mondaydeath
12 Morgan County News1943-09-101Como Resident Dies of Bullet Wounddeath
13 Morgan County News1951-09-141Charles J. Toone Died Sunday at Sunset Homedeath
14 Morgan County News1936-09-171Veteran U. P. R. R. Employe Dies in Omahadeath
15 Morgan County News1940-09-061Joseph Junior Trone Passes Away at His Home in Coalvilledeath
16 Morgan County News1930-09-251Peoa Herder Killed When Pistol Fallsdeath
17 Morgan County News1948-09-031Malin Francis Funeral is Held Saturdaydeath
18 Morgan County News1946-09-061Heart Attack is Fatal to Dick Waldrondeath
19 Morgan County News1952-09-191Diesel Tanker Overturns, Kills Former Resident of Morgandeath
20 Morgan County News1938-09-301Mrs. Simpson Killed in Auto Accidentdeath
21 Morgan County News1935-09-261Death Calls Heber Anderson of Miltondeath
22 Morgan County News1944-09-011Dies in Action in Central Pacificdeath
23 Morgan County News1937-09-161S. B. Dunn's Mother Dies in Alabamadeath
24 Morgan County News1935-09-191Thomas F. Wright Dies in S. L. Hospital, Heart Attackdeath
25 Morgan County News1944-09-294Auto Deaths Low in 1943death
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