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1 Rich County Reaper1930-09-261Death Comes to Mrs. Oliver Rickert Tuesdaldeath
2 Rich County Reaper1930-09-264Suitor, Aged 30, Kills 60-Year-Old Deaf Mutedeath
3 Rich County Reaper1930-09-265Wins Safety Prize; is Killed by Truckdeath
4 Rich County Reaper1930-09-265Snake Leads Caretaker to Wholesale Killingdeath
5 Rich County Reaper1931-09-043Crime of Cain is Re-Enacted by Man 70 Years of Agedeath
6 Rich County Reaper1931-09-043Killer Dissolves Bodies of Victims in Sulphuric Aciddeath
7 Rich County Reaper1931-09-043Infant Turns on Gas and is Found Deaddeath
8 Rich County Reaper1931-09-185Frown on Lion Hunters Killing from Airplanesdeath
9 Rich County Reaper1933-09-291Killed by Filipinosdeath
10 Rich County Reaper1938-09-162Dead Woman's Eyes Give Sight to Man and Youthdeath
11 Rich County Reaper1938-09-231Lemual Mckinnon Funeral Helddeath
12 Rich County Reaper1939-09-017Floyd Gibbons' Adventurers' Clubdeath
13 Rich County Reaper1940-09-135Kills Brotherdeath
14 Rich County Reaper1943-09-031Death Claims Mother of Randolph Womandeath
15 Rich County Reaper1943-09-173New Chemical Kills Lice on Cattledeath
16 Rich County Reaper1944-09-083Body of Pope Who Died 30 Years Ago in Ritualdeath
17 Rich County Reaper1944-09-221Forest Fire Kills Deerdeath
18 Rich County Reaper1945-09-211Herder Dies at Sheep Campdeath
19 Rich County Reaper1945-09-211Mrs. Edith Fowkes Passed Awaydeath
20 Rich County Reaper1945-09-211John O. Sims Passed Awaydeath
21 Rich County Reaper1945-09-211Former Randolph Woman Dies Suddenlydeath
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