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1 Milford News1928-09-078The Caddie's Digdeath
2 Milford News1929-09-132No Appeal from Verdict of Chinese Death Squaddeath
3 Milford News1929-09-201County Attorney O. A. Murdock Dies in Ogdendeath
4 Milford News1929-09-205Miner Jumps to Death down Silver King Shaftdeath
5 Milford News1930-09-04722 Years under Death Sentencedeath
6 Milford News1930-09-111D. H. Simonson Dies at Local Hospitaldeath
7 Milford News1930-09-111Early Settler Called by Deathdeath
8 Milford News1930-09-111William Mitchell Diesdeath
9 Milford News1930-09-251Little Girl Dies of Meningitisdeath
10 Milford News1931-09-031Charles E. Murdock Prominent Citizen of the County Diesdeath
11 Milford News1931-09-031Milford Man Dies in Salt Take Citydeath
12 Milford News1931-09-034French Swain Leaps to Death from Planedeath
13 Milford News1931-09-104Buried in Same Gravedeath
14 Milford News1931-09-171Ladies Aid Entertained by Mrs. Aaron Smithdeath
15 Milford News1931-09-174Former Delta Man Meets Tragic Deathdeath
16 Milford News1931-09-241Fire Laddies Called in Wee Small Hoursdeath
17 Milford News1931-09-244Two Cedar Men Die from Auto Accidentsdeath
18 Milford News1931-09-248Mrs. C. O. Sportsman Honored by G. I. A. Ladiesdeath
19 Milford News1932-09-157A. B. Moyer Dies at Austin, Nevdeath
20 Milford News1932-09-221Mrs. Beth White Buried in Minersvilledeath
21 Milford News1932-09-293Wanted No Funeral Griefdeath
22 Milford News1932-09-296Wanted No Funeral Griefdeath
23 Milford News1933-09-073Adrift with Humordeath
24 Milford News1933-09-141Funeral is Held for Mrs. Handleydeath
25 Milford News1933-09-143A Family Tombdeath
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