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1 Milford News1928-09-281Birthday Partybirth
2 Milford News1928-09-281Son Born to Local Peoplebirth
3 Milford News1929-09-135Hospital Notesbirth
4 Milford News1929-09-201Local Newsbirth
5 Milford News1931-09-035Happy Birthdaybirth
6 Milford News1931-09-176Interesting Picture of Birth of Solar Systembirth
7 Milford News1932-09-151Entertains in Honor of Birthdaybirth
8 Milford News1932-09-224Mining Being Rebornbirth
9 Milford News1935-09-126Born Wrestlerbirth
10 Milford News1936-09-242Bob Davis Revealsbirth
11 Milford News1937-09-237Where Charlie Mccarthy was Bornbirth
12 Milford News1937-09-301Plan Big Fete for Blood's Birthdaybirth
13 Milford News1938-09-088Rabbits Very Small at Birthbirth
14 Milford News1941-09-041Welcome Baby Girlbirth
15 Milford News1942-09-037Birth of a Bombardierbirth
16 Milford News1942-09-103First Washington's Birthday Fetebirth
17 Milford News1943-09-095Barnacle, Enemy of Ships, Born with One Eye, Grows Armor Prisonbirth
18 Milford News1944-09-213Eye at Birthbirth
19 Milford News1945-09-133Siamese Twins Start Lifebirth
20 Milford News1948-09-024Celebrates Birthdaybirth
21 Milford News1948-09-026Cocker Spaniel Gives Birth to Litter of Six on Trainbirth
22 Milford News1948-09-301Hospital Notesbirth
23 Milford News1950-09-076Hospital Notesbirth
24 Milford News1950-09-211Hospital Notesbirth
25 Milford News1950-09-213Gracie Miller has Birthday Partybirth
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