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1 Garland City Globe1918-09-12issue
2 Garland City Globe1918-09-121page
3 Garland City Globe1918-09-121masthead
4 Garland City Globe1918-09-121unclassified
5 Garland City Globe1918-09-121advertisement
6 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Salt Lake City to be the Scene of a Great Meeting of War Workersarticle
7 Garland City Globe1918-09-121French Lads Being Cared for by M. W. of A.article
8 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Notes About Our Soldier Boys in Servicearticle
9 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Bear River Stake Temple Dayarticle
10 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Sad Ending of Beautiful Young Ladyarticle
11 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Sunday School Class Socialarticle
12 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Ladies' Self-Culture Club Meetingarticle
13 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Registrarisn Dayarticle
14 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Garland Junior High Schoolarticle
15 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Local Newsarticle
16 Garland City Globe1918-09-121Local Newsarticle
17 Garland City Globe1918-09-122advertisement
18 Garland City Globe1918-09-122page
19 Garland City Globe1918-09-122unclassified
20 Garland City Globe1918-09-122Not a New Experiencearticle
21 Garland City Globe1918-09-122Mines and Miningarticle
22 Garland City Globe1918-09-122Largest Line of Army Auto Trucks May be Used to Relieve Freight Congestionarticle
23 Garland City Globe1918-09-122Expert at Sportarticle
24 Garland City Globe1918-09-122To Clean Brass Castingsarticle
25 Garland City Globe1918-09-122Killing Burdocksarticle
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