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1 Milford News1928-10-051Beaver Boy Dies after Collisiondeath
2 Milford News1928-10-191Mrs. Bailey's Father Dies in Los Angelesdeath
3 Milford News1928-10-193Local Newsdeath
4 Milford News1928-10-262Science has Thrown Light on Connecting Link between Life and Deathdeath
5 Milford News1928-10-269Williams Speaks to G. O. P. Ladiesdeath
6 Milford News1928-10-2612G. I. A. Ladiesdeath
7 Milford News1929-10-041Milford Tot Dies after Being Hit by an Automobiledeath
8 Milford News1929-10-041J. H. Hatton Dies at Ripe Old Agedeath
9 Milford News1929-10-111Aged War Veteran Dies in 68th Yeardeath
10 Milford News1929-10-111Patriarch Edwards Answers Last Calldeath
11 Milford News1929-10-118Ladies Entertain Social Hour Clubdeath
12 Milford News1929-10-181Lions Devastate Food at Bazaardeath
13 Milford News1929-10-251Little Croft Boy is Buried Mondaydeath
14 Milford News1929-10-256Troublesome Automobile Clincher Rims Remedieddeath
15 Milford News1930-10-021Mrs. A. A. Hillary's Father Dies Suddenlydeath
16 Milford News1930-10-022Flood Control on Wate Projects are O. K. Burned to Death at Firedeath
17 Milford News1930-10-091Man Held for Death of Wife in Drunken Brawl at Squaw Springsdeath
18 Milford News1930-10-161Charged with Manslaughter in Death of Wifedeath
19 Milford News1930-10-161Republican Ladies Choose Officersdeath
20 Milford News1930-10-161Democratic Ladies Meetingdeath
21 Milford News1930-10-301Called to American Fork by Death of Relativedeath
22 Milford News1931-10-011Milford Man Dies as after Math of a Drinking Partydeath
23 Milford News1931-10-011Milford Man Dies in Salt Lake City after Long Illnessdeath
24 Milford News1931-10-013Appeasing the Deaddeath
25 Milford News1931-10-081Sheepherder Dies at Milford Hospitaldeath
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