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1 Rich County Reaper1929-11-011Pioneer Citizen Diesdeath
2 Rich County Reaper1929-11-085Champion Piper Played His Own Death Lamentdeath
3 Rich County Reaper1930-11-211P. J. Quealy Founder of Kemmerer Diesdeath
4 Rich County Reaper1931-11-135"Death Drums" Roll in Honor of Indian Bravedeath
5 Rich County Reaper1935-11-011Potato Digger Causes Death of Ronald Bensondeath
6 Rich County Reaper1935-11-011L. D. S. Church Worker Diesdeath
7 Rich County Reaper1935-11-221"Death after Dark"death
8 Rich County Reaper1936-11-061Former Rich County Man Dies at Ogdendeath
9 Rich County Reaper1936-11-201James Shepherd, 48 of Ogden, is Deaddeath
10 Rich County Reaper1937-11-121Ogden Death Mysterydeath
11 Rich County Reaper1937-11-191Army Needs Men for Service in Hawaiideath
12 Rich County Reaper1937-11-191Mary E. Hayward Died Sundaydeath
13 Rich County Reaper1937-11-191Funeral Services for Laketown Residentdeath
14 Rich County Reaper1937-11-193Burning the Death Scrolldeath
15 Rich County Reaper1937-11-261Funeral Services Held for Louie Dunndeath
16 Rich County Reaper1938-11-251Funeral Service Held at Evanstondeath
17 Rich County Reaper1939-11-245Battle to Deathdeath
18 Rich County Reaper1939-11-248Time of Death Undetermineddeath
19 Rich County Reaper1940-11-151Death Claims Former St. Charles Residentdeath
20 Rich County Reaper1940-11-221Month Old Baby Diesdeath
21 Rich County Reaper1940-11-291Hunters Kill Many Elk in Jackson Holedeath
22 Rich County Reaper1943-11-051Mrs. Lois Pope Osborn Dies at Soda Springsdeath
23 Rich County Reaper1943-11-051Klea Peart Larson Dies Very Suddenlydeath
24 Rich County Reaper1943-11-121Former Randolph Citizen Dies at Ogdendeath
25 Rich County Reaper1943-11-261Dr. Kackley Succumbs at Soda Springsdeath
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