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1 Piute County News1941-05-231Young Woman Dies from Accident Injuriesdeath
2 Piute County News1941-05-021Mrs. McCarty Passes Sundaydeath
3 Piute County News1939-05-121Obituariesdeath
4 Piute County News1943-05-211Mrs. Alice Mellor Buried at Monroedeath
5 Piute County News1942-05-151Junction Man Passes at Home of Sondeath
6 Piute County News1941-05-021Well-Known Publisher is Buried Sunday Afternoondeath
7 Piute County News1944-05-191Small Child Dies; Has Relatives Heredeath
8 Piute County News1948-05-211Funeral Services for Effie E. Applegate Held at Circlevilledeath
9 Piute County News1942-05-291Irvin B. Barnson Buried at Jucntion Mondaydeath
10 Piute County News1929-05-241Nay Child Dies of Spinal Menglisdeath
11 Piute County News1937-05-141Former Junction Resident Dies in Salt Lake Citydeath
12 Piute County News1930-05-301Marion King Passes Awaydeath
13 Piute County News1937-05-281Funeral Held at Junction for Accident Victimdeath
14 Piute County News1927-05-204Tornado's Death Toll Reaches 255death
15 Piute County News1930-05-168John S. Rollo Dies in the Harnessdeath
16 Piute County News1929-05-031Elmer Jorgensen, Former Widtsoe Bishop Dies at Rooseveltdeath
17 Piute County News1931-05-155Nellie Sherman Dies in Californiadeath
18 Piute County News1933-05-261Funeral Services for Sole Spencerdeath
19 Piute County News1935-05-311Morrell Snow Diesdeath
20 Piute County News1925-05-292Fireman Killeddeath
21 Piute County News1937-05-281Funeral Held at Marysvale for S. S. Wilsondeath
22 Piute County News1927-05-061Dr. Shock Passes Awaydeath
23 Piute County News1931-05-084Funeral Services for Walter Hermansendeath
24 Piute County News1929-05-173Passed Awaydeath
25 Piute County News1931-05-291Funeral Services for Robert Dobsondeath
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