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1 Eastern Utah Advocate1897-05-202The Rise of Jewelldeath
2 Eastern Utah Advocate1898-05-264Price's Pioneer Passes Awaydeath
3 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-05-081Admiral Sampson Deaddeath
4 Eastern Utah Advocate1902-05-291Pauncefote is Deaddeath
5 Eastern Utah Advocate1904-05-055Pearl Bryner Deaddeath
6 Eastern Utah Advocate1904-05-055J. O. McIntire Deaddeath
7 Eastern Utah Advocate1904-05-121George W. Kramer Deaddeath
8 Eastern Utah Advocate1905-05-111Enoch Naegley Passes Away at Toquervilledeath
9 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-05-243Thomas Kearney Passes Away at Salt Lake Citydeath
10 Eastern Utah Advocate1906-05-243Major William H. Bird Dies at Salt Lake Citydeath
11 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-05-021The Colorado Cannibal Deaddeath
12 Eastern Utah Advocate1907-05-023James E. Howard Dies Monday of Consumptiondeath
13 Eastern Utah Advocate1909-05-061Henry G. Bryner, Pioneer, is Deaddeath
14 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-05-163Old Resident Passesdeath
15 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-05-235A Good Woman Passes Away at Wellingtondeath
16 Eastern Utah Advocate1912-05-301Charles F. Warren Passesdeath
17 Eastern Utah Advocate1913-05-151Death of Mrs. Snowdeath
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